Chapter 1: ‘Our First….’

Month of Mayleaf, Year 876 of Salvation Era, 1000 years after the defeat of the Great Demon Lord….

Tch….. Annoying.

Having such thoughts knight trainee Derec moved forward along with his crew.

After having graduated from Royal Knights Academy at an age of 19 and spending a month in his home, Derec Rosfield, second son of the House Rosfield was posted to one of the 5 great Knight Corps, Knight Corps Division 03. Originally being associated to a knight household, he was to be trained to join the royal guard after his elder brother, but mid way through his training he decided to join the knight units.

Along with him, 50 new inductees arrived at the adventurer’s city, Lamperge 3 days ago. The new inductees included 28 knights of which 6 were females, and 22 mages mostly for with young girls. They were to be treated as trainees for a period of one month and after assessing their abilities were to be officially recruited as knights. Also if one was able to catch the eye of the senior officers, one may get an instant promotion. That was what most of them were aiming for.

Currently, the 50 inductees, along with 18 soldiers and 7 mages, were traveling to the Maise Wastelands as their first real life experience on monster subjugation hunt. The destination, Maise Wastelands, was a short 3 hour walk away from their unit headquarters which was located at the outskirts of Lamperge.

In a formation of 9 knights per squad accompanied by a squad leader, their vanguard comprised of 3 squads in the front, behind them were 2 squads comprising of knights. At the middle were mages in a group of 4, while the 2 left were walking with the 4 senior mages who were behind the mage unit. Their supplies were kept in a wooden horse-pulled carriage behind which was a whole squad of 16 soldiers walking in a formation of 4 by 4 accompanied by rest 3 mages acting as their rearguard.

Appointed as the representatives of the rookies, Derec knew he had to perform his best as this could also serve as a chance to score a promotion, a chance that was rare to come by, but still…….. He was annoyed. Waking in front of him were 4 senior knights and leading them were 2 ranked officers, which was why he was nervous of doing something which could tarnish his image, but his comrades were a bit too loose. He could hear the mages bickering and chatting freely. Even the knight trainees were chatting albeit slowly and not breaking the formation or disturbing others.

But still…, But still, as a knight they tend to behave and it didn’t stop there. He quickly took a glance from his shoulder, and though swiftly, he felt it. Yes, he felt all those gazes from the women around him, gazes filled with admiration and desire from behind concentrating towards his direction.

Damn, its really annoying me. So irritating, he silently retorted.

Now, such a scenario was what every man wished and only a mad man or a very sheltered man would find unpleasant. And he was sane. He knew many men who would do anything to receive such attention from the opposite gender directed at them. But it wasn’t only him, almost all the male knight were irritated too but not because the attention of all these girls. Their common source of irritation was the target of all this affection.

Yes, all this attention was not directed at Derec or any of his comrades, but the person who was in front of all of them leading this unit.

Leading this unit were two person, one of them was a tall lady. She was in her thirties, with a rather voluptuous body which could lead any man astray and a face worthy of a royalty. Wearing a light leather armour inside a beautiful red robe, a small wooden wand was fastened on her belt and wearing a large pointy hat which reminded of you of witches of fairy tales, probably the most fitting description for her. Known as the Succubus Witch across the Reinhard Kingdom and this continent, Captian Vanessca von Kleinart.

“Halt!”, said a boyish voice and the whole unit stopped its movement. The voice was of a young man, or rather a boy. He was at least of 17 years. He wore a small, probably custom made steel armour set with a small sheathed dagger on his waist. With a smaller stature than Derec, he was a bit too misplaced among battle hardened warriors, much so as he order them too. But this was who he was, adorning a frilly black ceremonial cape and a black robe, with a behemoth’s head embroidered on it. His chest, which boasted three medal of Honor, was filled with confidence of a warrior as he turned towards us. He had a beautiful face which even woman envied. His head was adorned with lush black hair and the blue eyes were bright as sapphires. Standing in front of them, leading them toe to toe with the Succubus Witch, was the child prodigy said to trained by Major-General Tirumina herself, the Bewitching Dark Knight, Captain Alexis Verne.

“Hmmm…… Looks like we’re halfway there. Alright, we’ll take a short rest near that rock.”, he said pointing towards a big boulder near the path.

“Galt, I’ll leave the snack distribution to you. Also, call Jose.”

Ordering the big man who was at least twice his size, he turned towards Derec’s group.

“Alright newbies, we will be taking a short break of about 15 minutes. Don’t wander and stay close to the group, got it?”

Giving them a bright smile, he returned to his fellow captain’s side. As soon as he left, all the girls, including the senior mages started an uproar.

“Kyaa~, so cooool~.” One of the apprentice mage squeaked.

“Isn’t he?” Replied the senior mage.

“His face lives upto the rumours.”,”Even most of the women in Lamperge aim for him, you know.”,”Uhh…, I want to be embraced by him.”

While such a conversation was going on between the girls, the boys and some female knight’s were sitting at a distance. Even if they were trying to control themselves, their constant gazes towards the young captain betrayed their emotions.

Hah…., he sighed along with all the other boys.

“Hahaha…… This is still normal, you guys.”

A hearty voice called to them. He was Harold Garnell, a senior from Royal Knights Academy many of them knew. Not understanding what he meant by that, Derec questioned him.

“Normal….? What do you mean by that?”
“I mean, during every Ashfield month, hordes of women gather in front of our base to present him Valentine chocolates and you won’t believe the scene of carnage that happened last year…..”.

Remembering something, Garnell shivered. Then meeting our sites he said, “Remember this, he’s called ‘Bewitching Knight’. But don’t take that title seriously, cuz in reality he’s an actual monster.”

Giving us such a vague advice, of rather warning, Garnell left to chat with his other friends.

Ugh, just what the heck!?, Having such thoughts, Derec and the other still troops formed their squads and again started their march for their destination, unaware that later he will come to realise the seriousness of what his senior told them.

Hey, Keiken here.

The starting chapters are from the pov of some random NPC, but the narration of MC will start soon.

What do you think about this chapter? Especially what Garnell said. Well, who knows except me of course. Tee-hee.(◠‿・)—☆

Look forward to the next chapter.

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