Staring into a white oblivion a man was standing on the edge of what could be called a garden. He was in his mid-forties, with a stout build and long white hair which half way through his back. With a height of about 7 feet he could certainly be called a giant even among grown men.

“So, what has brought you here this fine day, Astra?”

Without even moving from his place, he greeted the new person who now stood behind him.

“Good to see you are in good shape, Lord Ashura.”

The man humbly replied with a deep bow. He was a young man with pushed back golden hair and a deep voice. He had a handsome face with hazel coloured eyes and a well shaped nose which could charm any woman with a glance. He looked like he was in his late twenties.

“Now, don’t be stiff, Astra. We’re old friends, aren’t we?”

The man who seemed to be Lord Ashura replied in a somewhat cheerful voice which, to be honest, didn’t suited him quite well.

“Here take a seat. I was going to have some tea, you know. Care to join?” he continued, pointing towards the small table and two seats which appeared as miraculously as Astra himself. While sitting down and pouring the tea, he gestured Astra to sit.

“Your kindness is wasted on this servant.” Astra replied back, but still sat down and took a small sip from the cup.

“Hm…….as delicious as always. Black tea, was it? I rarely get a chance to drink this as My Lady is more fond of coffee.”

“Hahaha, she still like that bitter drink? Well it’s suits her more considering her personality….. So, shall we talk about the reason you came here?”

After a small pause, Ashura abandoned the cheerful tone and replied in his heavy voice. His face now looked more aged or more like battle hardened. His golden eyes which were calmly overseeing everything suddenly locked on him and he felt his overbearing presence. He took gaze at that face, the face of the supreme being of this world. Of the great Lord Ashura, the assumed creator of this world and its overseer. Taking another sip from his cup Astra replied.

“Well…… It seems like a disturbance was felt across all the Voids across Astoria. As ordered by you and Milady, no information about this was told to any of the minor deity or spirits, but the oracles across the human realm are feverishly trying to seek out to them and they have been complaining ever since….”

The serious look of Ashura left his face. He leaned back against the chair and pleasantly sipped on his tea. Nevertheless, Astra continued,

“The Spirit Queen and some of the Supreme Dragons might have realised what is happening, but with the nonaggression treaty, we cannot do anything about them. Also I’m concerned about Void King. We still can’t read the area so he is the only one who can look into them, but he haven’t done anything yet. Though you may know all this but Milady said to atleast do this as a formality. With this I end my report.”

Astra relaxed himself and again focused himself on the pleasant taste of the tea that was on in front of him. Ashura took a deep sigh and spoke,

“Hah….?? I’ve already told her that is none of our buisness now but she still wants to stir some trouble. She’s just like a kid.”

“I apologise for her immaturity in her stead as her envoy. But I don’t think she’s gonna change.”

“I can’t agree more.”

After sharing such pleasantries, Astra gently placed the tea cup on the table and stood up.

“Well then, I believe I should return to Milady’s side for who knows what kind of mischief she will cause this time.”

“Hahahaha……. As busy as ever, eh? I really enjoyed this short visit, Astra. Then, we shall meet again.”

“I happy to be of any service to Lord Ashura. I too hope to see you again, my lord. ”

Astra said his farewell and turned back. He was about to leave when he remembered another request of his lady.

“Ah, one more thing Lord Ashura. Although it not related to the report, Lady Telos requested me to ask you, “How is the brat doing?” though even I can’t understand who is she taking about.”

Hearing this Ashura bored face lit up. A grin appeared on his face like he had caught a secret.

“So this was your true intentions, huh Telos….” while muttering this in a very low voice, he replied, “Tell her that he’s doing well, rather more than well.”
Confused by this rather amusing answer, Astra again gave a short bow to Ashura and vanished as abruptly as he arrived, leaving Ashura alone again in the about garden to see and ponder, but he knew he won’t be bored for her had his attention on some interesting humans.

Author’s note:
Hey guys, Keiken here. Thanks for reading my new and debut work.

I admit I’m a weeb so many of you may think of this as a rip-off of some famous or normal Light Novel as in sure it will contain some general clichés from Japanese light novels. But rest assured I will try to see that this doesn’t start resembling any of them.

Again a lot of thanks for reading this chapter of ‘Astoria Chronicles: I/ Phanuel’

As a new author, let’s aim for atleast 10 views and 5 likes.(though I get a feeling that this may not happen)

The next part will be the 1st chapter.


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