Chapter 2:’…….Run!’

Month of Mayleaf, Year 876 of Salvation Era,

“Alright. We’re here, everyone”, I said as I stopped the march.

I turned back and faced the knight trainees.

“Everyone, this will be your first subjugation quest.” I slowly took a look at everyone’s face and continued,

“Remember don’t be reckless. As a knight, while your individual strength is necessary it is a must that you all can easily work as a team”.

“It is as he said. In a battlefield, you will have to leave your lives in the hands of your comrades as you go too battle. This is an opportunity to garner a bond among you guys. Of course, this goes for you mages too. You will have to trust your vanguard while you support them.” A beautiful voice followed my words. I glanced towards my right and have a small smile to my partner, Vanessca.

“Alright, listen up. This time we will be hunting Sand dragons. We recieved a request from the Adventurer’s Guild to subjugate sand dragons which was posted by the villages near Maise Wastelands. Garnell, Jose and I, we will be heading ahead to check on the situation and draw a strategy. Vanessca, can I leave the further details to you?” I asked.

“Of course~!”, Venessca replied in a cheerful voice and did a small jump. To be honest, it was quite lethal with a body like her but I kept this to myself. She continued,”As all of you may have been told, sand dragons are demi-dragon class monsters. They are categorised as Class-C monsters which is on the same level as an Orc Lord or Goblin General.”, I continued. “Sand dragons are roughly the size of two royal carriages. They can use Earth Magic to some extent. Their skins are very hard almost on the level of metals. You all will be divided into small parties and will fight against them…”

While she was debriefing the rookies, I called out to Garnell and Jose and we entered the Maise Wastelands.


Maise Wastelands was a waste expanse of what it was named after, wastelands. Starting with a small grove, then a long descending canyon and stretching far till horizon, it was situated between Reinhardt Kingdom and Worstad Union. Due to the increased concentration of miasma near it’s centre, many strong monsters and demonic beasts reside there. It served as a natural border between the two countries.

During months of Mayleaf and Essleaf, sand dragons usually comes near these areas to mate as the are not many powerful monsters here and sometimes some of them wander too far and come across the villages here and may attack them. Most of the times when such a situation arises, most people send requests to Adventurer’s Guild, but due to circumstances the build had to contact the Knight Corps for this request.

Well, I personally thought of this as a huge pain, but since this also serves as training for rookies it can be called a win-win for both sides.

We arrive at the open plain and observed the situation.

“A whole herd of same dragons, huh.”

Jose said so while looking at 10 or 12 sand dragons flocked together 300m ahead of us.

“It’s natural after all it’s their mating season.” said Garnell.

“Can you see other herds from here, Jose?”

I causally ask Jose and he replied with a nod. He then swiftly fell back and climbed the small ledge above them. After watching the whole expanse he replied back.

“I can see another one at 11o’clock distance is atleast 1km or so.”

“Alright then, let’s head back for now. If we are lucky then this group won’t be moving from here for quite some time.”

I ordered them and we headed back.


“… And that’s the situation. Any questions?”

I carefully explained to them about the sand dragons and the stance they will be taking while fighting them. After explaining, I asked them if they had any problem.

“No, Captian!” All of them replied.

“Alright, listen then. This is an important quest so prepare yourselves for facing the monsters. Compared to what we usually handle, sand dragons are cute. They are normally timid and non-aggressive. If you can’t handle them then you can be prepared to pack your luggage and head home.”

I lightly warn them. After all, if they can’t even deal with a sand dragon level then they can’t deal with other monsters or demonic beasts who live near the Colossus forest near Lamperge or fight people who aren’t less than monsters themselves.

“Remember who we are and what our purpose is! For who we fight and what we protect! Even if this may be a monsters subjugation, carelessness may lead to your doom! Don’t lose your focus and give your best!”

Giving a short speech, I draw out the greatsword which was resting on my back and turn my back towards them.

“I’m not really suitable for such things, huh…” I mutter in a small voice.

“Fufu… Don’t worry kid you are doing great. Just don’t lose your bearing, alright?” Venessca encourages me in a small voice. I give her a bitter smile in reply and raise my sword and exclaimed.

“Knight Corps Division 03, prepare to engage!”

A cheerful shout resounded from behind me and we started the march towards the herd of dragon.

After a short while, we reached near the place where the dragons rested. I took a small glance behind me to see the faces of the new rookies. Faces filled with excitement, tension, awe and some with dear too.

So this is what it really feels like, huh… I silently thought to myself of these feeling which were unknown to me. I raised my sword straight in the air. The greatsword was almost as long as my own height. Then, with a slight nod I brought down the sword swiftly.

“[Wind Slash]”. I muttered.

The sword which was in the air flickered and the next moment it reached the ground. And gushing forth in front of me, was a steak of wind which shot straight towards the herd. The slash hit the two dragons that were a short distance away from me. They turned their faces towards me, probably annoyed by the attack.

It seemed they finally sensed us and turn themselves towards our group. Then they raised their heads and gave a loud cry. The dragons pulled apart their legs and lowered their bodies.

I see, so they are trying to charge at us. Then we should also get started then.

“Now!”, I gave them the command and the squads behind me started moving.

The dragons, just like we predicted, charged straight at us. Garnell and his partner ran forward and then using their shields made a wall.

“[Hardening]” the men exclaimed and the shield wall started flowing with a faint yellow glow. The dragons came running towards them and slammed their heads on the shield wall. They staggered a little but managed to hold them back.

The other soldiers swiftly started moving and circled both dragons and started attacking them. Garnell and the other 3 knights accompanying is started to attack the dragons and quickly defeated them.

I swiftly faced the rookies and hurriedly spoke.

“See, this is how we do this try to separate them and keep them at bay. While one distracts it, others attack it. Now, the other 6 are also moving here and from the northeast another herd of 5 sand dragons is approaching us. Stick to the plan and we can clear this area and move to the next one. Alright, now it’s your turn, charge!”

At my command the rookie squads started moving. The older knights withdrew back and observed them. I have already told them to interfere of things get dangerous but as these guys are, sand dragons sold not be any problem for them….. Probably.

Soon, both herd reached our location. The team led by Derec moved to draw the attention of all the dragons towards them.

“[Lighting]”. Suddenly, bolts of lightning flew towards the herd. Derec who used the spell successfully managed in getting their attention towards him as the dragons grunted and started charging at them. [Lightning] as a basic spell doesn’t do much damage but since it’s so flashy, it can be used to gather the enemy’s attention.

Derec moved behind his comrades, while they used the same strategy like us to block their charge using their shields and absorbing it. They managed to block their charge but one of the knights suddenly knelt where he was. Maybe, the impact caused due his knees to give away. The dragon in the front raised both its front legs but suddenly, along with the other dragons stumbled and fell down.

“[Dig Earth]”,”[Quicksand]”, “[Stone Field]. The mages behind the shield wall chanted the spells and their magic immediately took effect. [Dig Earth] is a basic spell of Earth attribute and as the name suggests it digs a hole in the ground. The spell [Quicksand] is an intermediate level earth attribute spell which makes the ground soft and sandy and forms a quicksand on the designated area. And lastly [Stone Field] is another intermediate earth spell which grows huge stones in the area. If used as it is, it is normally useless skill. However, the combination of these spells made it immensely useful. When the dragons hit the wall, the mages used the spell simultaneously. The [Quicksand] spell made a quicksand below the herd restricting their movement and making it easy to use [Dig Earth] and dig a crater like hole. The dragons who fell in the crater stuff up and tried to charge at them again but one by tripped due to the large stone in their way.

“Hmmm…. But still, using intermidiate spells without any chant is still impressive”. I have my honest impression at which Venessca grunted.

“Hmph~, using spells without chants can be done even by a third-rate mage with enough practise, you know”. Vanessca replied.

“Heh…, Well its true but not many can use it effectively in front of such dragons.”

“Well……I admit you’ve got a point”. While Vanessca and I pleasantly chatted, the rookies climbed down the crater and prepared to clear the sand dragons.


After that, we proceeded and cleared another three herds when we heard sound of rumbling.

“Something’s stand here, Captain!” Jose came to me running and spoke while panting.

“What is happening?”

“Many Sand dragons are moving from the other direction. They are numbered more than 50!”

“!!!, More than fifty, you say!?” Its dangerous if that’s the case. It could proceed to become a stampede!

“That’s not it, Captain,”Jose continued, “They are moving towards the West side of the miasma region.”

“What could that mean? Well anyways, all troops stand ready, enemy could be approaching from east, probably 10 o’clock.” I have the orders and pondered upon the situation. “Movement of monsters on such a large scale rarely occurs. With the speed at which they are moving, it can’t possibly be migration. Which could only mean…..”. I silently prayed in my heart that please not what I’m thinking….

The dragons were now visible to us they hurriedly passed us and disappeared with the dust cloud they raised. But the trembling didn’t stopped.

“Uh-oh” Garnell spoke, “This didn’t look good”. The rookies also started murmuring among themselves but nobody left their positions.

The trembling sound got closer and closer to us and suddenly came to halt.





Everyone was waiting while holding there breaths…. And it came. Erupting from the ground behind us was a huge black monster.

Majestically standing 10m tall and 30m long from the top of its horn to the tip of its tail, it had black, lustrous scales which were covering is whole body. The claws on it legs were also large enough to probably cut a person in half. From its head protruded out two big horns of 2m and instead of wings, it had two large fin-like protrusions on its back. It saw is and let out a deafening roar as if declaring us as its prey.

Standing there majestically was a Black Obsidian Dragon. Shit, this is not good I have to deal this carefully otherwise there could be —

“….. RUN!!!”, Immediately, Vanessca shouted and the rolls and soldiers started to run away from the black disaster that was in front of us.

Hah…. Looks like it huh. And I also started to retreat with others too.

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