Chapter 3 : ‘The Bewitching Knight’

Month of Mayleaf, Year 876 of Salvation Era,

“Quick on your feet! Even chickens run better than you guys!”

Garnell encouraged (or rather insulted) the rookies and had them quickly fall back while we tried to buy some time.

But the situation isn’t quite right, I thought. Hah– such a troublesome enemy.

Behind us was the huge black dragon. Black Obsidian Dragon. A fearsome high ranking land dragon. Why is it so dangerous, you ask? Well, the sand dragons we fought earlier weren’t true dragons, they were just some evolved reptiles, or a half baked dragon normally classified as a demi-dragon. But the one behind us is what you call a ‘Pure Dragon’. They are the dragons which you might have read about in the stories. The sand dragons are classified as Rank C monsters, a herd of 10 Sand dragons can be classified as Rank B+. They are comparatively easy to defeat if you have a party or squad. But a pure dragon at minimum was classified as Rank A- and this Black Obsidian Dragon was classified as a Rank AA demonic beast. If explained easily, you would need atleast 2 Rank A parties in which all the members are Rank B or higher or a Level 3 clan. And fighting such an enemy while retreating was seriously a bad joke. Even if they were not rookies they would still have a tough time to deal with it. I took a look at the retreating figures of the rookies.

“It can’t be helped, huh…. Though it’s really a pain but…” , I muttered then called out to Venessca.

“Vanessca, retreat as far as you can along with the rookies, while Garnell, Gelt, Jose and I hold it back. Use the same technique which we used with the sand dragons when I give the signal”

I explained my plan to Vanessca. If it’s her she will understand and will be able to handle those rookies with ease. Then I called to the guys.

“Can’t be helped. We are to protect the kids. Geralt! Gelt! Jose!. Let’s go”

Thinking about how much of a pain this is, I charged at the black beast.


Even in such a situation, Derec tried to remain calm and gave commands to his fellow trainees.

“Quick, increase your pace. We have to increase the distance between us. Mages, use your enhancements to keep up with us. Use [Recovery] on anyone whose injured.” The mage apprentices nodded back along with the knight trainees.

When he saw Captain Verne and others charging towards the dragon, he knew they were trying to buy time for them. He was ranked as the top twenty knights in the royal academy so it was natural that he was quick-witted in such situations and calm.

But still…. A Black Obsidian Dragon. Quite a luck we’ve got. He thought. Even if they are strong, they can’t probably defeat such a strong opponent. He knew about the Black Obsidian Dragon from books he read at the academy. Its skin is one of the hardest materials found in this world. It difficult to penetrate it even with a mythril blade. To do such a feat, one should know swordplay at a level of a swordmaster and strength of a paladin. Even if he was a captain, what could a child who was two years younger than him probably do.

He took a small glance behind to see what was happening.

Captian Verne along with Garnell, Gelt and Jose charged at the dragon. The dragon who noticed them lowered himself a bit, then spun around throwing is tail at them. Garnell and Gelt who were at the front took their shields and prepared to take a strike. The tail swiftly connected with the shields and stopped. Jose jumped from behind Garnell and landed at the tail and swiftly started climbing towards the dragon’s back. Meanwhile, Verne escaped from the side and reached near its face. He gripped his sword then swing it horizontally.

“[Vortex Slash]”. He said the name of the skill and a heavy wind followed his slash from the blade and moved to hit the dragon’s left eye. The dragon, sensing the danger filled is head barely missing the slash. But soon after, a wound opened up just below is eye. The dragon bellowed in rage. The [Vortex Slash] is a higher version of [Wind Slash]. The attack moves while creating a vacuum in its path and the surrounding wind move in to fill the vacuum with such high speed that it creates a similar effect to slashes from a blade. Not knowing what it truly the attack was, the dragon dodged the first slash but wasn’t able to predict the secondary effect. Enraged by Alexis’s attack, the dragon raised its head and let out a roar. Suddenly, a lone man appeared above him. The dragon who took the attack from Alexis was so enraged that he completely forgot about the man that climbed from his back. Jose took advantage of the timing and jumped above the dragon. He could see the sharp razor like teeth of the dragon. Looking up this close, he was somewhat scared of the dragon.

Unnn… Its not the time to leisurely think. Focus me. Jose steeled himself and took the knives from his pocket and the them at the dragon. The knives sped towards the dragon and pierced its left eye. The dragon again roared in pain. It raised its claw and it the ground. In an instant, spokes flew from the ground towards Alexis and Jose who landed besides him. Alexis grabbed Jose from the back of his collar and jumped away from the dragon, barely missing the spikes. He deflected the ones which flew at them with his sword. Well, Derec had to admit that he’s skilled with his sword but no way in this world will that be enough to defeat the dragon.

“Alright, knight cover the mages. Mages ready the spells and on my signal activate them.” After they had made a considerable distance from the dragon, Venessca shouted the orders. Amid the confusion, the knights and mages followed them. Fred who was, naturally, confused by this asked Vanessca.

“Why aren’t we retreating, Captain? We should retreat and wait for the reinforcements.”

She gave him a surprised look. She sighed and replied.

“That would be meaningless. After all, the only ones who can defeat this one are probably the Commander, the three vice-commanders and that one there”. And pointed towards the group which was fighting. And he knew who she was talking about.

“That kid? He may be skilled with his sword but no matter how talented he is, there is no way that kid can defeat a pure dragon”. He thought. There’s no way that he can defeat of with such intermidiate sword skill.

“So that’s what you think, huh?” Unknown to him, Derec’s thought had already escaped from his mouth. Venessca giggled as she replied,

“I was like that too, you know. But he is not a kid…. He’s simply a monster”. Derec looked at Venessca’s face and he saw what seemed like some sort of envy, frustration but also admiration that reflected from her eyes.

He sighed and witnessed the battle between the dragon and Alexis, thinking what is it that makes him do strong to others.

The battle seemed to be in the dragon’s favour. Alexis straight in charged at the dragon. Sensing him, the dragon raised his class to attack him, but…..

“Not in my watch! [Shield Bash]!” Garnell swiftly pushed his shield at the one joint of the dragon’s leg. The dragon slightly lost its balance and staggered. Seeking this chance, Alexis used [Air Step], a wind mobility spell, to swiftly travel below the dragon. Then, he grabbed his greatsword by both his hands and bought it up in a swift motion.

“[Rock Splitter]” The dragon was hit directly between its collarbone. It stumbled on its legs and kneeled down.

“Now”, Immediately, Vanessca gave the signal. The mages activated the spell. Suddenly, a huge crater opened below the dragon and fell inside it.

Derec saw Gelt running towards the crater. Then, suddenly, he jumped with his shield in front of him.

“Take this, [Shield Strike]!”.

Gelt brought the shield above him and hits the dragon with the shield’s edge. The dragon was hit near it’s shoulder joint. It caught itself before it fell. It grunted.

“Uh-oh, like like it is irritated now.” Jose said the obvious. Meanwhile, Alexis was sliding down the crater with Garnell to face the dragon.

The black dragon raised it self up. Then, swinging its huge body, it raised its tail it brought it down on the two. Alexis, who read its move ahead, raised his sword and intercepted the attack. He pushed his sword against the dragon’s tail, holding it back.



He heard something cracking, and suddenly his sword snapped into two.

“”””Huh!?””””, “Shit!”

The voices of Geralt, Gelt and Jose overlapped with suprise. Alexis, whose sword broke, jumped to avoid getting crushed by its tail, but the dragon quickly brought his claw at him. Alexis knew that dodging this one would be difficult, therefore he brought his hands in front of him to block the attack. The attack hit him and the dragon threw him at the wall of the crater. Alexis hit the wall with immense momentum. Thanks to the fact that he had blocked the blow with his arms, he wasn’t damaged that much, but his armguards were damaged and he could feel a bit of numbness in his left arm. Well, this was to be accepted, as the Black Obsidian Dragon’s scaled are said to be on par with mythril ore.

He stood up and threw the damaged arm guards. He then slowly moved his hands to see if any internal damage was done or not. He found none. Sighing in relief, he called out to Garnell.

“Hey, I think it’s getting dragged on. Do you think I should end this?” He casually asked him. Garnell dodged another attack from the dragon. Then turning towards him, he replied,

“If you can please do it quickly, you know! It is really scary to fight this dragon with only 4 people!” Garnell was angry. If he can do so, then he was more than welcome to defeat that thing.

Hearing his reply, Alexis cocked his neck.

“Well then, block its next attack and make an opening for me. If you can, then I can end this.” Alexis nonchalantly replied Garnell. Then raising his hand, he said the chant.

“[O great fire, rise through the earth and burn the enemy down. Return it to ashes and bring forth life! Burn, Inferno!]”

A great red circle appeared below the dragon. The dragon sensed the magic and tried to retreat, but Alexis brought his hand down and in that instant, a huge tower of fire erupted beneath the dragon covering is whole upper body.

The fire slowly disappeared, but the dragon stood like nothing happened. Its scales were slightly more black and seemed dull compared to before, probably because of the fire, but the dragon itself was intended. But it became angry.

The dragon planted its legs firmly in the ground, and raised it head. Suddenly, they could feel the mana around the dragon becoming more excited. This was even felt by the mages and the knight trainees. Hurriedly, Vanessca shouted the command at the mages.

“Don’t just stand there! Hurry and erect a barrier! Now!”

The mages panicked and started chanting the spell. Derec who also felt this knew what was coming.

“A dragon breath”, A skill exclusive to the dragon race, it is said to be powerful enought to blast throught the grade 7 barriers. He immediately knew they were doomed. There is no way that these measly barriers can protect them or that one of them can use a saint rank magic barrier [Aegis]. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his head. Venessca was petting his head for no reason. But it called him down somewhat.

“Don’t worry, if its him he can surely help us.”, She said those words, but they seemed more to convince her rather than him. But the dread of the dragon’s breath had not disappeared. He again looked towards the center of the crater where Alexis and his group was.

“No way, I’m not going to block that! Never!” Garnell exclaimed. Alexis had told him to block is next attack, but he never expected its next attack to be its final.

“Well-well, I never expected that. Looks like I poured a bit too much mana into my attack.”, Alexis was still calm. He knew that the situation was grand but, it was not like they can’t escape, or more like if they want to survive this was their chance.

“Hey Garnell, you can use [Shield Throw], right?”

“Well, yeah, I’m a Guardian, after all.”

“Good then, throw me at the dragon.”

Garnell was about to resist him when he suddenly got what he was planning. A grin broke on his face.

“Have someone ever told you that you’re really reckless, Captain?” Garnell spoke in a slight mocking tone. His previous nervousness had vanished and one could tell from his voice that he is excited.

He came close to Alexis and grabbed his collar with both his arms.

“This is nothing personal, ‘kay. Alright, Cap. Have a safe journey”. He smirked at him and before Alexis could’ve prepared himself or retort, he threw him with all his force at the dragon.

Alexis sped towards the dragon at full speed. Adjusting his posture mid-flight, he started gathering mana in his right hand, which started glowing with a white light…..

Derec saw something flying towards the dragon. It came closer to the dragon, and hung itself —or rather himself on the dragon’s neck. He was shocked to see Alexis, who was somehow hanging at the dragon’s neck with his right hand.

“What’s that guy doing?” He exclaimed. Even Vanessca and the others were shocked to see him there. Then….

It all happened in an instant.

The dragon gave a bloodcurdling roar which was drowned by a thunderous blast. He felt a powerful shockwave against his skin. And a dust cloud rose from the crater. After a while they all heard a loud thud.

The first one to come to senses was Derec.

“Wha– What in the world happened here?” He said. That was the common question on the minds of all of them.

After confirming that there was no danger, they all moved near the crater’s edge. But what awaited them shocked everyone.

At the center of the crater was lying a large lifeless black mass. Its scales reflected the sunlight which made it seem like it’s skin was glimmering. Starting from the end of it neck three big cuts ran across its body vertically. Blood came gushing out of the cuts. It’s flesh and scales near the cuts was blackened as if it was burnt with a great fire. It had a big hole between its collarbone, where the cuts started.

It was the corpse of the Black Obsidian Dragon.
And standing on top of it was a single boy. In his hand was a large scale which was shaped like a great shield. The right side of his body was covered in a dark red what seemed to be the Obsidian Dragon’s blood. Standing on top of the dragon’s corpse, Alexis seemed like a great knight, just like those in the fairy tales. In the eyes of all the onlookers he seemed like a true warrior, a hero. All but one.

Derec saw the mark on the dragon’s corpse. The Black Obsidian Dragon’s scales are said to as hard as legendary mythril. How much power can a man have to rip apart such hard scales. Even if he attacked after removing it’s reverse scale, removing its reverse scale itself was absurdity and that too with his bare hands.

Is he even a human? The question came across his mind. He slowly raised his head to look at the man who was standing atop the corpse of the dragon.

He looked into the eyes of the boy. And saw unknown to anyone else, something so terrifying and malevolent, he became nauseous .

He suddenly remembered the words of Garnell and Vanessca and was convinced.

Whatever was in front of him was a true monstrosity.

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