Chapter 4:

Month of Mayleaf, Year 876 of Salvation Era, City of Adventurers, Lamperge City.


The merry voices of adventurers rang throughout the Adventurers’ Guild Lamperge. The Adventurers’ Guild is a neutral organisation that was formed by adventurers, for the adventurers. Along with the Merchant Guild and Tamers’ Guild, it was one of the the biggest neutral organisations made from the suggestions and ideals of the Legendary Hero after the defeat of the Great Demon King. It operates at a continental scale with its headquarters in the barren island located in the middle of the Western Sea. Each country has their own Adventurers’ Guild Main Branch Office with sub-branches in various cities.

Inside the Adventurers’ Guild Lamperge sub branch building, various adventures were gathered. It was thanks to the rumours of a B-rank party which defeated a rank-A Griffin. Standing on one of the tables was a man announcing in good loud voice.

“Don’t worry everyone. To celebrate the victory of this great me, of the great Lord Quente, over the puny Griffin, eat as much as you want. The house is on me!”

The whole hall cheered at the man. Seeing the reaction of the crowd the man again puffed his chest more and spoke more haughtily. But not all the people present there were festive.

“Tch, that bastard”

A group of 4 men and women were sitting at one corner of the bar. They were obviously unpleased by the man standing at the centre of the crowd.

“Even though we were the ones who slayed that Griffin.”

They were the party members of Quente. ‘Wandering Winds’ was the name of their party. While Quente had recently joined them, the former members were all friends from the same town. They agreed to let Quente join them because of his claim as a talented magic swordsman and while he was good, his swordplay couldn’t have been said talented but rather mediocre. But being of noble birth, they couldn’t have possibly kick him out now.

“All he did was run around like a chicken, then gave the final blow when we had managed to wear it down.”

They all were unhappy with him taking all the credit but being of common birth all they could do but complain among themselves.

“… and when the Griffin was about to attack my comrades, I jumped to protect them and parried its claw, then swinging my sword in a swift movement I cut at its foot. Then…..”

While such a tale was going on, a thin man burst open the gates of the guild and came running on the hall. He ran to the counter and started yelling.

“Lisa-san! Hurry, call the guild master and head to the East City Gate! Hurry! Quick”

He hurriedly spoke in a tense tone. One could almost see him almost sweating buckets which gathered the attention of some of the crowd, including Quente.

“Who do you think you are to interrupt me, you pest!?”

Quente questioned him irritated. A young lady, probably in her mid-twenties came to respond at the counter. She had fair skin with lush brown wavy hair. Her build was tall with a plump body proportions. She had with a green waistcoat over a white shirt and a matching skirt which revealed her bodyline perfectly. She also had a pretty face with bright green eyes matching her attire. She was Lisa. One of the receptionists and the mascots of the Adventurers’ Guild Lamperge. She calmly came near the man and placed her hand on his shoulder and spoke in a rather seductive voice.

“Ara, ara~, What’s the matter, Harry? Calm down and tell me slowly. Okay~”

The man was flustered, but slowly calmed down by this. This was something that was required by every one of the guild receptionists, the ability to meditate and calm the people and Lisa was one of the best in this field. But the man again remembered what he came for and again spoke with a hurried tone, albeit somewhat mild this time.

“There’s a commotion going on at the gate. The knights have returned from the subjugation quest! ”

“Yes, I know. I was the one who was present when we negotiated with them. But what happened?”

Lisa knew about this and knew the knights will probably end this quickly than any other B rank party, even if the ones moved were rookies. But she couldn’t see what was the matter with some rookies slaying some sand dragons. But what shocked her had been the next words of that man.

“Yes, but they have returned with the corpse of a pure dragon! That too the Black Obsidian Dragon’s!!”


At this, the whole guild building fell into silence. The silence was broken by the agitated voice of Lisa.

“Hurry! Contact Guild Master! We are departing to the gate before the knights move! Right Now!”

She practically yelled the orders and an uproar started inside the guild. Returning her focus to the man, she tried inquiring him for some more information.

“Was it the trainees who slew it?”

“No, of course, it was that guy! That damn Alexius!”

Hearing this the silent crowd broke into an uproar.

“That shrimp, he again did something outrageous! Even though he quit the guild.”

“And I thought my time to shine had finally arrived….”

“As expected of my disciple…”

“You forgot the ‘self-proclaimed’ part.”

The guys were either cursing him or praising him. Meanwhile, the girls side—


“Sir Alexis is so strong!”

“He too charming! You know, once I felt like a divine light coming from him!”

“Kuh! This time for sure. I’ll be sure ask him out!”

“Hey, its unfair! After all this we all are also controlling ourselves. Didn’t you asked him out 3 months ago?”

While all this commotion was going on, one man was baffled by all this. He was Quente. He asked the man besides him about the person in question.

“Hey, who is this Alexis?”

“Huh? You don’t know!?”

To which another man answered.

“Captain Alexis Verne of Knight Corps Division 03. That the guy we’re talking about. He became a knight at the age of 14 and got promoted to the rank of Captain in three years. And apparently, he worked part-time as an adventurer before becoming a captain here. I’ve heard that he had defeated many strong monsters during that time.”

“Yeah, you should have been here during the Orc village subjugation. That guy just charged in without warning us and single handedly defeated most of the Orcs, including the Orc lord.”

“Huh?” Quente couldn’t hide his suprise, Orc lord was a high ranking monster, above C.

“And that too when he was just an E-rank adventurer. Seriously, that guy…..”

While the conversation had already drifted away, Quente couldn’t easily accept such rumours. He was irritated. This has been his time to shine. How can he be outclassed and that too by some kids who hasn’t even reached adulthood.

(He must have been using some grand magic tools. I’m sure. Yes, that’s it. There is no way a kid could defeat an Orc lord. Its now upto me then. I’ll expose this kid who is deceiving these idiots. And if he’s using magic tools, I’ll take them too after defeating him. Kukuku~)

Having such thoughts, Quente, along with the crowd, rushed out of the guild building to meet his target.


It wasn’t just the adventurers who were eager to see Alexis. At the base of the Knight Corps Unit 03, a single knight rushed to see a certain someone with hurried steps. He stopped in front of a plain wooden door and softly knocked on it.

“Come in.” A soft voice came from inside of the room. The knight entered the room. It was a simple cabin. He saw the familiar wooden deck in front of him as soon as he entered the room. The desk had a few files on one side of it and a pair of gloves besides a pot of ink and feather at the other. A wall of the cabin was lined with different kind of books and paid neatly laid on a wooden book shelf while at the other side was a single flag hanging on the bare wall with the coat of arms of their unit. A single chair was behind the desk and in front of it were two similar ones. The room felt oddly spacious for it to be the cabin of a person with such a standing.

Behind the desk was a single window which faced the training grounds in which some men were practicing their swordplay. In front of the window stood a single tall figure. She had beautiful blue hair reaching till her waist. She was wearing the formal knight uniform a dark blue long coat. The coat was probably a ordered uniform as it perfectly showed her slim waist which emphasised her hourglass body. The belt was slightly tilted on which hanged here sword. Her left hand was resting on the hilt of her sword.

The knight closed the door. Then turning around he raised his hand into a fist and placed it across his chest and gave a slight bow. The lady nodded without ever giving a glance to the knight. However, he was somewhat accustomed to this behaviour.

“Commander, Captain Alexis had returned to the city along with the trainees…” He paused a bit too see the reaction of the lady in front of him. He continued, “…but there is a slight commotion due to it.”

“Yes, I also heard the uproar earlier. So, what has he done this time?” The Commander asked on a plain tone. Even though it sounded so plain, the knight knew very well that what she was currently feeling. The tightened grip of her hand on the sword hilt cleared his suspicion.

“Well…… Apparently, they came back with a corpse of a Black Obsidian Dragon.”

The Commander sighed at his words.

“That kid. Allen, prepare for their arrival. We may need to negotiate with the Guild regarding this. Till then I think I should personally go and welcome that stupid son of mine.”



There was a large commotion at the Eastern gate of the city. Adventurers, adults, kids, tourists, residents, no matter who, was of them had a similar expression in their face.

They became curious when the gate to the city was hurriedly opened and they were blown out of their minds when they watched the spectacle that was in front of them.

A knight unit entered the gate at first, but after a short while it came into view. Chained above a small carriage carried by the horses was a shinning black dragon, or its corpse to be more precise, sprawled on its back. And atop its chest was a single knight standing upright with glory. To the people below he certainly may have looked like some legendary hero that they had read about in the fairy tales, more probably because of his figure that emitted a divine light from his back (probably due to him blocking the sun). And a cheerful cry was raised at that moment.

“Captain Alexis Verne has slain the invincible Black Obsidian Dragon!!!”

And the whole place was drowned in the cheers of the onlookers.

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