Chapter 5: ‘Commander Tirumina’

Month of Mayleaf, Year 876 of Salvation Era, near the outskirts of Lamperge City

“Hmmm… Say, Captain,…”

While returning to the city, I was called out by Gerald.

“…I feel like something is missing here.”

“Hm?” I searched my surrounding to see if something was amiss, but couldn’t find anything. So, I asked Gerald,

“What do you mean by that, Gerald?”

He scratched his head while his eyes were closed, as of he was thinking of something. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and turned to me all giddy.

“Hey, Captain. I know now. What it lacks is grandeur!” He exclaimed to which I only similer. He continued.

“We are people who defeated a Black Obsidian Dragon. I think it we enter the city with its corpse, everyone in the city is sure to cause a commotion. If it’s gonna happen, I think we should present it as something grand!”

Gerald told me this while getting excited like a child.

“Hmmm, I think I can agree”

Suddenly, a voice emerged from behind us. It was Venessca. While I was listening to Gerald’s banter, she had sneaked on us.

“See, Captain! Even Captain Venessca agrees with me! Just leave it to me. Also, as the person who slew it, you will be the center of attraction. I’m sure it’ll be awesome!”

While Gerald went ahead to plan our grand(?) arrival in the city, all I could do was smile wryly as I knew that this wasn’t going to end well.


Looking down at the crowd, I sighed. Gerald’s grand plan was for me to mount the dragon’s corpse and pose like a Brave from legends: with the sword pointing down while the other hand was resting on my waist. To make it look more majestic and mythical, he even told the mages to cast a simple light spell to make it seem like a halo is emerging from me.

…. And the worst thing is that it seemed to work. The crowd was struck with awe. Children, adults and elderly alike everyone watched the scene with a awe-struck face. From my right I could see the Guild staff gathering around and moving straight towards us. Leading them was Ms. Lisa who straight away called to me,

“Captain Alexis, over here.”, she called out. Well, even if you were not to say anything, no one could have missed those bouncing balls even from a mile…. though I might be exaggerating a bit.

Staying where I was, I replied,

“Ah, Ms. Lisa. Good day to you.”

“Good day to you too, Alexis. We are grateful to your division for accepting our request. We couldn’t have guessed what could have happened if we had sent some adventurers to handle this quest, seeing that you had to defeat such a dangerous beast.”

Responding to me in a cheerful voice, she hugged my arm as soon as I jumped below. I suddenly felt a chill down my spine. It seemed a bit of killing intent….but it could have been my imagination so I neglected it.

“Well, it was a gruesome job, but we managed somehow”, I replied nonchalantly.

And then came the beautiful voice,

“Ara, Sir Alexis, so you came back.”

At this my whole body stiffened. I glanced at Lisa who was also backing down slowly in front of the personage standing behind me.

Trading a deep breath, I turned towards the person who called to me. In front of me was a beautiful woman. She had blue hair which was tied back into a long ponytail. Her face was well sculpted, with her elongated ears tapering at the tip. Her blue eyes, which would have reminded you of hydrangeas, were staring me down with such a force that even my bones froze. The elf lady who stood before me was my—our—commander, Lt. Gen. Tirumina, commander-in-chief of Knights Corps Division 03.

“Excuse me, Ms. Lisa, but I would like to have a word with Capt. Alexis here”

With a domineering stance, she shooed away the Guild staff, she added,

“About the distribution of the loot, it’ll be same as we had discussed before. As for the dragon, we are going to take its crystal. The rest can be divided according to the conditions we had set before. Now if you will excuse me”

She declared the conditions. Then turned back. I was about to sign with relief when I felt me ears being pulled.

“And as for you, Capt. Alexis, we’re going to have a long talk.” Commander Tirumina pulled me from my ear and dragged me back to the base.



Quente, who watched the exchange was annoyed. What he saw was a brat, with a somewhat nice have, taking all the attention. Even the unattainable flower, Ms. Lisa was trying to woo him, which even frustrated him more. He knew that this guy is a fake and he will expose him. He is the only one who should be the center of attention. Not realising the true potential of Alexis, Quente had already determined Alexis as his enemy.

Moving back to the inn he was staying at, he was thinking of strategies to expose him. And soon the idea came to him. If he defeats him in front of everyone, they will believe what a faker that guy, Alexis is. And the best possible time was coming near.

Don’t worry, Alexis. I’m going to expose you in front of everyone. As a true noble, I’ll do this great deed. Yes! Till then count your days.

Having such wild thoughts, Quente approved his (self-proclaimed) master plan.


Back at the base…

“Now, sit here”, I was inside the room. Of Commander Tirumina. She placed me (quite literally,) on the sofa and sat besides me.

“Darius”, she spoke, and immediately a shadow of an elf appeared.

He was, well…, beautiful but a notch below Tirumina. He replied,

“Yes, your highness.”

“Brew some tea for us.”

“Immediately, your highness.”

He said so and left. Oh, seems like I forgot to mention. South of the continent, lies the Elven Kingdom of Titania. It is now a vassal state to the Reinhardt Kingdom. The reason in telling you this? It’s because, Commander Tirumina is the 3rd Princess of Titania which means basically she’s a royalty. Sounds nice, right. You ask why she is a Commander here? Well, she is the strongest swordsman of Elven Kingdom and the 3rd strongest of the kingdom. So, as to fight more stronger opponents and home her skills more, she came to the mainland and well, she caught the eye of the king during that time who immediately gifted her knighthood and made her an high ranking officer and she had been serving the country for more than 40 years now. And that’s the reason for the elf, Darius, to call her ‘Your highness’.

“So, my dear son, won’t you tell me what happened this time?” She breathed calmly (?), but I know I felt a strange anger in those words.




Oh, seems like I again forget to mention. Commander Tirumina, here, is my foster mother, making me her adopted son and well, a royalty of another country. To be exact, the 20th and the youngest Prince of Elven Kingdom, Titania.

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