Chapter 7:

3 weeks later, Year 876 of Salvation Era, City of Adventurers, Lamperge

Its been 3 weeks since the incident. And nothing short of eventful thing happened. I got a hefty reward for my achievement of slaying a Black Obsidian Dragon. Other than that nothing sort of interesting happened.

Lamperge, the city of adventurers, was a peaceful place with the Guild and the Knights Division both responsible for the administration of the city. Adventurers came from all over the country and world to explore the biggest adventurer city in the Reinhardt Kingdom.

“Hey, Alexis. You’re ready?”, Vanessca asked me.

“Bring it on”, I replied.

“Alright then, 3….2…..1….., Start!”

Vanessca waved her hand with a signal to start. And with all my might I pulled the rope alone. Facing me was half the Division’s knights. The gruelsome event of tug of war was taking place inside the Division HQ. After a few seconds, we reached a stalemate.

“Not bad, Capt., but today is different!”

Gerald, who stood facing me, declared on a confident tone.

“Is that so? But sorry Gerald because I’m going to end this in one go.”

I loosened my grip on the rope for a fraction of a second and then suddenly tightening my grip, I pulled the rope with all my might and pulling along the others as well.

“Ahahaha.” I laughed, as all the men fell on one another.

“That was a great workout.”

“Even though we’ve been working together for 4 years, your absurd strength still suprises me. ”

Gerald came to me and patted my back. The others too got up. Seeking them, I was about to get ready for another round when….

“Alexis!” A large voice boomed across the base. It was none other than Mother Tirumina. I glanced back and everyone was giving me a wry smile. Gerald got closer and said,

“I will pay for your safe return, captain.”

You bastard…..

Swearing inside, I ran to attend the summons of the commander.

A few minutes later, I opened the door to the small personal cabin of the commander.

“Did you called for me, commander?”

I asked her. She motioned me to sit down. She looked from the letter which was in her hands and have it to me.

“We’re leaving for capital in a few days.” She declared.


I stood there suprised. She continued

“I have been summoned by the King regarding the matters with Titania.”

“But, why bring me along?” Honestly, I kind of wanted to go but it was more of a hassle to travel for a week and all.

“Its thanks to your recent achievements. It’s decided that you will be joining the Ceremony of Ascension and participate in the Annual Tournament.”


I stood dumbfounded. Joining the Ceremony of Ascension and participating in Annual Tournament in the capital.

“Wait, are you serious?”

I inadvertently blurted out. Leaving aside the Annual Tournament, the Ceremony of Ascension is the biggest event in the Kingdom, no, its gotta be a big event even in the whole continent.

A 1000 years ago, when the Great Demon King ruled this continent, a single man oppressed him. He was blessed by the gods and was given the strongest sword of this world, the Excalibur. Chosen by him and approved by Excalibur, some brave men and women were gifted Divine artefacts, weapons of Divine realm, and along with the Hero, they restored the peace by slaying the Great Demon King. The Brave became the King of the continent and the humans prospered under his rule for some 137 years, but after him, the new generation was burnt in the fire of civil wars and after more than 50 years of these civil wars,the new kingdoms were formed, starting the Era of Salvation. Well, things happened and our Kingdom inherited the Excalibur, but its sealed, stuck on a pedestal. It is said that the sword can only be pulled by the person whom the sword acknowledges as the Brave’s equal.

So, every five years, the Kingdom holds a ceremony. The ‘Ceremony of Ascension’ where warriors from all corners of the world gather to get their hands on the mightiest weapon in the world. But, in the last 800 years no one was able to get acknowledged by the Excalibur. But, some times, there are instances when some people were granted with Divine artefacts. And people who are able to achieve this are granted the title of Honorary Knight and become a Sword King candidate, the kingdom’s strongest warrior.

“Isn’t it fine? You can choose to participate in the tournament and with your circumstances, I don’t think you’ll get chosen in the ceremony.”


It came out as a shock, but if she says that its tentative to participate, then it’s okay, I guess?

“So, it’s fine if I refuse the invitation for the tournament, right?”

“Yes, but you have to attend the Ceremony and if, by any chance, you were to be chosen in the ceremony, you will become a Sword King candidate, which is okay in itself.”

“It’s not okay, alright! It’s a big hassle to become a Sword King candidate. Won’t my authority be as equal as you if I become one?”

I retorted her. The current Sword King is a certain lady who is sitting in front of me and sipping at her tea.

“It will but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be my equal. Though if you were to become one, I’ll personally train you to be my perfect successor.”

Her face might have been straight but the strange glint in her eyes told me that she wasn’t joking about training me into the perfect successor. I gulped inside my head as soon as I pictured the scene of me succumbing to my death between the training.

“Well, that’s it. I’ll inform you when we’ll leave. I won’t be hearing any kind of complaint from you.”

Saying so, she shooed me from there, leaving me with a mild headache and a bit of anxiety.

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