Chapter 8: To the capital.

Year 876 of Salvation Era, highway near Lomet Town.

“Almost there.”

It’s been a three days since we started to the royal capital. Obviously, we weren’t alone. Along with us were Mother’s trusted aide, Darius, Gerald and…

“We’re almost there, Captain!”

Riding along side me was a female knight. She had beautiful wavy auburn hair which bounced with each stride she took. Her brow eyes looked at him with great elation. Her name was Myria. My attendent and aide. When I was promoted to the rank of Captain, mother selected her to be my aide. Moreover, it seems she herself volunteered for this position.

And I can see why. She’s a bit clingy and a bit too caring that she almost seems to be like a mother, rather than an aide. Well, she isn’t a bad person so it’s okay…..I think as long as she doesn’t bother me too much.

We’re were currently on the highway which connected the main cities to the Capital. We decided to stop in the nearest town today for resupplying.

“Say Captain, would you mind accompanying me in the town for a bit?”

Myria came close to me and spoke.

“Hmm… Well I don’t mind. But, after restocking.”

I replied.


Lomet. A small town near the highway. Its small and didn’t have any kind of speciality. But due to its proximity with the highway, if became a resting spot for many travellers and adventurers that continuously use it. The town was originally a manor and that’s why its town structure is mostly centred around the manor and adventurers guild.

The normal procedure to enter any city or town was to either pay the entry fee or to show identification documents or the citizenship, in the case of cites. The ID that was the most common not only in the country but the whole continent was the special-grade G-rank Adventurer card as it was a special ID card that is issued by Adventurers Guild for civilians that apply for it. Since it is free of cost, it was instantly widespread.

We reached the town gate by early noon. There was a long line at the gate. We slowly galloped past the line. The bystanders looked at us and a small commotion started amongst them.

“Knights! Why are they here?”or”Hmm, I wonder which Division they belong too” to “Whaa, so beautiful. That knight lady is a real beauty” and “That guy besides her ain’t half-bad.”

Such whispers were audible to me. I passed my gaze through the onlookers when my attention suddenly went to a certain person. They had worn a long greyish robe which fully covered them. I didn’t knew why, but I felt that person was glaring at us quite intently. I moved my gaze and tried to make eye contact the person entered the city and disappeared from my line of sight.

I felt something strange, but it must be my imagination.

We were in front of the gate and a stout man in a leather armour came towards us. He stomped his foot on the ground and saluted us. Judging from his appearance he must be the captain of this guard detail.

He greeted us and ushered us inside the city.

“To think that I’ll get the chance to talk to the Sword Saint. Haha, I can’t be more blessed.”

The man had a jolly nature, it seems. Well, he’s not annoying and I already have experience with such people before so it won’t be a problem, but man he’s really friendly.

“The mayor sent me to guide you to his manor. We will reach there in a moment.” Saying so, he again lead the way.

After some time, we reached the manor. It was good manor, considering that it was built a few centuries ago.

We entered the ramparts. The manor was divided into three ‘circles’, it seems. The outer was for agriculture and housed the farmers, the second acted as the barracks for the mercenaries and guards hired by the mayor. The last circle was out destination. The living quarters where the mayor, his aides and some of the workers lived.

We were lead inside the mansion and taken to the reception room and told to wait for a moment. Soon after, a middle-aged man appeared from the door. His hair were gray and he looked a bit frail but his demeanor resembled that of a prominent family head.

“I am really pleased to see you all here. I’m Baris, the mayor of this town. It’s an honour for me to meet the Sword King.”, Baris said and have a small humble bow.

“Thank you for recieving us on such a short notice, Mr. Baris. I’m Maj. General Tirumina of the 3rd Division of Knights Corps Division. We’ll be in your care for a while.”, Mother Tirumina replied.

Baris gave a wry smile and said,

“I would’ve loved to have a conversation with you, but I have a really urgent matter to attend to. I have already ordered my subordinates to prepare the supplies. You may rest easy. If any problem occurs, you can ask Ravi here.”

So apparently, the stout man who recieved is was Ravi.

“Though we don’t have any special attractions, but please feel free to visit town, if you would like to. Ravi, please show then to their rooms. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

He gave us a quick bow and hurriedly left. Well… He did say that he had an urgent matter to attend to so. If he’s in so much hurry, it must be really important.

We were led to the rooms located in the second floor. I sat loosened my uniform a bit and sat on the bed.

“Hah~ “, A sigh escaped my mouth. I tried to put l again light the events together. We are headed to the Royal Capital, Camelot. Mother Tirumina has been summoned by the king due to an urgent buisness. And I am accompanying her because apparently I’m chosen as one of the candidates for the prestigious Ceremony of Ascension and also to participate in the Annual Tournament held yearly in Camelot.

To be honest, all of this was quite a hassle…. Alright who am I kidding, its a big hassle. I, who want to live a simple, peaceful life has been suddenly found in such a tight situation and since they are royal orders, I can’t opt to ditch this. Yeah, absolutely no way.

While I was grieveing over my predicament, a sudden knock pulled my to my senses.

“Captain, can I enter?” A voice called from behind the door.

“Yeah, of course.”, I replied.

The door slowly opened. Myria entered my room and closed the door behind her. Hey, such actions are dangerous, you know. Some men might misunderstood you. Huh? Me, I’m a man of virtue, who isn’t affected by such actions, misunderstandings or otherwise.

“Ummm, Captain,” she called me out in a small voice. Like I was saying, aren’t you giving the wrong vibes here, “about what we discussed earlier.”

“Huh, oh yeah…”

“Then, let’s head out, shall we?” She said with a breaking face and half-dragged me out. Ugh, how bothersome–

What I didn’t knew at that time was this small outing will be get me involved into this madness.

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